What needs does this product meet? Who is it for?

For those who want to strengthen their business in selling their products.

What is the utility for the end customer?

Risk reduction on product purchase.

How do companies earn money?

They earn money by implementing the percentage of sales of that product or real estate.

What kind of innovation is it?

It is an innovation in the offer and in the process.

Why ViVR?

Because it is an innovation of the value proposition, working on the customer experience; because it is visualization, because it is interaction, because it is information.

What kind of experience is it?

Digital and physical. Experience defined by actions.

Is the experience autonomous?

The experience is autonomous for all devices.

What are the development times for this service?

It depends on the type of file that will be sent and the type of interactions and development on requested devices.

How will the customer use this service? In which place?

In the office or out of the office (on the road or at home).

What kind of instrumentation do I need to navigate and interact with my project?

A VR headset in the company for my client with and without wires (therefore easily transportable).

A mid-range computer pc.

A smartphone

What is the difference between 3D real-time and VR?

The 3D real-time is autonomous or accompanying the client, through interactions and touchpoints, in the construction of the immersive experience, similar to the concept of a video game.

VR indicates a simulated reality through computer and digital tools that offer immersive and realistic experiences.

Virtual reality allows us to live an immersive experience in ways realized through computer graphics.

Is there any possibility of having different features compared to existing ones?

Yes, after verifying that they can be implemented on the various devices.

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