Frution Specs

Make your virtual project live on every device: find out what are the technical specifications required to make ViVR work at its best and enjoy a perfectly fluid immersive experience.


Virtual Reality

Through a VR headset, the user will be able to live an immersive experience to enhance your sale. The customer will be teleported into his future environment and thanks to the power of VR will be able to relate with the environment, choosing himself the materials, the furniture, which he can place inside the space and place them according to his needs.

Device: VR headset
Where: in the office o at a distance



The user can enter the space, living it as a video game, interacting with the environment by opening a file on his computer.

Device: A download file
Where: in the office



the user can enter the space, living it as a videogame, interacting with the environment through a link web.

Device: A link web
Where: at a distance



The user can enter the space in 360°, see 3d spaces in real time or render in 360.

Device: A render in 360 or render classic
On request: dedicated app for interactive content
Where: at a distance

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